Baby Quilt

Last weekend I decided to make a baby quilt.  I don’t have a baby in mind, but when there is one or someone else needs one I have it ready. I used Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s pattern Strong Ties. I always say you can always learn something from somebody.  She had a cool tip that made it easier.  Glad I bought the pattern.  I did add sashing because I needed it a little bigger. 

I got the top all done and I was pin basting nearing the bottom. I realized that the batting had a problem … it was missing. I used a 3 step zig zag and pieced in what I needed. #10D foot

I usually do free hand quilting…but I decided to use the #50 Even Feed foot that has the guide so you can stitch in the ditch.  It was fabulous. When I got that done it really needed more quilting. I got to practice with rulers and then of course it needed more quilting… so I quilted the curves. Freehand curves. The baby will not notice if they are not perfect.

Then I had to square up the quilt.  I got a laser leveler to do the work.  Then I finally figured out that I could hang my binding on the knee lift.  What fun!!!!

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