Threadz from Hell

Threadz from Hell

I said I was going to post the problems that I have had creating my quilts. Most of those problems were of my own making. I had to figure out how to solve those problems.  However, Threadz from Hell was just about bad thread. Not my fault. I bought a box of thread from Maderia. There were probably a dozen spools all in different colors. The line was called Jewel Tones. This thread snagged, broke, tangled, looped, frayed and knotted. It did not do anything right. I had the opportunity to meet a rep named Bob at an IQA Quilt Show in Houston.  I told him my problem. He said the thread was not meant for quilting.  I said I bought it at a quilt show. I told him I did not want my money back … I would like to exchange the spools for something else.  He said to call the home office and they would help. They said if I did not have a receipt they would not do anything.  Needless to say I did not have a receipt. So to make lemonade out of lemons I made a quilt to tell the story. I soaked the spool in a mixture of glue and water. When they dried I cut them in thirds and sewed them onto the quilt. Telling the story. This quilt has won a few awards and was featured in a national magazine.  I  know other quilters have felt “My Pain”. Maderia  might make other wonderful threads. However, their customer service was not so wonderful.


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