A Furry Wuppie

I just finished this small quilt and it is the 1st Furry dog I have done. Weims don’t have that much fur. I had many pattern pieces to cut out even before I got to the fabric. I used my BERNINA with the open toe darning foot, dropping the feed dogs and following the lines on the freezer paper pattern. The only thing that would have made it easier was if my BERNINA cut out the fabric. But one cannot have everything. I made the dog independently of the background. I put a piece of Misty Fuse on the batting. Laid down the turquoise scraps leaving the space open for the dog. I placed down the dog.  On top of that I put a fine netting and backing fabric on the back. Then I quilted, bound and labeled it.

The 1st photo is what one of the pieces looked like when it was cut out with the sewing machine. It is freezer paper. It was ironed to the fabric which had been backed with misty fuse.

FullSizeRender (1).jpgFullSizeRender (2).jpg

Lastly the label. It is for a gift from Lizzy.


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