Presenting … Mostly Gray…Channeling Nevelson.  Created for HERstory Fiber Art. Lousie Nevelson paved the way for the Feminist Art movement of the 70’s. This quilt was outside the “box” for me. Which is humorous since Louise’s art was inside the box using objects that she found in debris piles. She assembled and painted her boxes black, white or gray.

Not without its problems this quilt was fun to make.  Each section was created individually on my BERNINA. Assembling when the quilting was finished. The wire whip was the first problem. I marked the fabric with the wrong marker. I could not remove the marking. After screaming, yelling and looking for a magic wand … I had to make a new whip.  I did and it was facing the wrong direction. But then I discovered that the quilt I was making was 6 inches too long.  The finished product was supposed to be 24 x 30. So I switched the whip to the other side, eliminating some measuring spoons and deleting the salt and pepper shakers. Everything fit perfectly.

Each section was trimmed and trued to size. Using a zig zag stitch I joined them together. I covered those connections with fast turn bias tubes with a blind stitch on my sewing machine. Making a single fold bias I covered the back on where I joined the blocks.




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