Make it Bigger

Because their is crowd in our bed we need a quilt that is a little larger. I decided to add borders to this quilt. It was a scrap quilt built from my stash a couple of years ago.  It was 93″ x 93″ and after a few washing’s it shrunk to 88″ x 88″ That few inches was a lot.  I needed more covers. So I decided to add a border.  I found just enough of the original reds and other fabrics that would work for this project.


This is what it looks like now. the borders were added in long strips. I measured to make sure that they would fit. However, color me STUPID. Because the quilt had been laundered and the borders had not been laundered. So before I attached them I decided to launder them.  They shrunk. So then I had to make corner blocks to fill in the holes.  1

Here are 2 of the corners up close. The front and the back. I hand stitched the front along the original binding. then I turned it over and blind stitched it to the back on my BERNINA. Using the blind hem foot a wide stitch and a long length. I am pleased with the results.Now my body parts will stay warm.




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